Wednesday, May 25, 2011

as one phase of existence comes to an end .. there comes the beginning of a new one ..

for a person who constantly tried to make himself believe that for the past few months .. i was doing quite well .. and then suddenly i was thrown through this invisible door of realization .. something you could have never brought down upon yourself .. then again .. you wish you had ..

i can't say that i love you anymore .. can't even dream of allowing myself to continue doing something so foolish .. not after hearing you say you love me even though i knew you'd been feeling up anything that moves ever since the day you left my city ..

deleted those soft mushy songs from my phone .. got in sync with junkyard groove .. its pure alternative .. and definitely pure genius ..

i feel this holiday has been my best so far .. having climbed up to huge heights in the Garhwal Himalayas .. i realized that breathlessness depends less on the purity/amount of air that your inhaling .. and more on how choked up you feel living on a mountain made out of clouds and snow, yearning for someones touch .. and yet ironically .. it is today .. in delhi at 47 degrees .. that i feel like i'm breathing again .. glad i finally chose to confront your promiscuous side .. coz the reason i held back till now was not because i didn't know .. but simply because i didn't know if i could ever take the shock of being right about what i knew .. and guess what .. i'm glad i did .. because after forcing myself to write one last blog post on how you make me feel.. i know i'm never gonna waste another word describing you or anything even remotely related to you .. because right now in my mind .. i have this filthy image of you in which you kinda resemble a tramp.

and anyone who has read this blog from the beginning till this very post .. would testify to the unconditional nature of everything that i ever felt for you .. i wish they hadn't .. i didn't want to use my words to fool them into believing that i'd found the one .. found true love .. because you are and always will be nothing more than a selfish bitch.

bombay, saturday night.