Friday, December 10, 2010

so what is it .. that makes the one you love .. repeatedly encroach upon undiluted bliss?

i've been waiting a while .. to understand the importance of all those promises that were made at the time of emotional apocalypse .. there were a lot of promises .. and so it took me more time than usual to analyse how much was granted.

a relationship between two people is mainly based upon their understanding of each other. it consists of two main components ..
- things that a person CAN understand ..
- things that a person WILL understand ..
and then there is a middle void ..
which consists of things that a person MUST understand ..
the bigger this middle void .. the easier it is for two people to be able to love each other without any need for flacking or criticism.

when you devote your entire day to the sole purpose of making her happy .. when you stop at nothing to be able to show her in yet another distinct way .. what she means to you .. you don't really expect her to lose her patience just when your heart was starting to perceive a sense of sedentism.

who said love would be easy? who said we could take all the good things that came our way and give up oh so easily at the slightest indication of a sour spot? Yet .. why is it so easy for someone to honey coat their words when everything seems nice .. and so difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy in their tone even at the sound of a false alarm? .. isn't the happiness that you give to someone .. of enough significance .. for that person to be able to blend with your character when its getting hard for you to find yourself within the turmoil of exaggerated emotion?

i don't hope to get answers. because i know that you were having a notable mood shift even as you read through the previous paragraph .. and if i'm wrong this once .. then forgive me for hoping that i know you well enough .. because if you really listened to all those things that i said to you repeatedly .. then you would know that i am not trying to blame you .. nor am i trying to irritate you .. i'm simply trying to understand why its so hard for us reinforce each others solitude when one of us falls short of perfection for the first time in hours .. because even if we were perfect .. we are human .. and we would still be imperfect at maintaining that perfection .. but lets try? :(

i know that we will make this work .. simply because i know that we love each other .. and things may seem a little blurred once in a while .. but we CAN understand .. and we WILL understand .. because we MUST understand ..

my motive .. is to get through to you .. not to pass through you .. because that would hurt me as much as it would hurt you.

but fuck all that. i'm still madly in love with you. right?