Tuesday, July 26, 2011

living isn't about restricting your inner self from experiencing the marvelous complications of this roulette game we call life .. its about letting your spirit free .. into the open .. where it can find the source of whatever it is that makes you so spiritually abundant .. its about falling out of an aeroplane, blindfolded .. you wouldn't really know until you hit the ground .. it doesn't leave room for fear .. its about crossing your heart and soul .. and believing in the one thing that makes you who you are .. so that you never require a shoulder to lean on even if you were limping ..

people tend to overcome most of their problems not with a motive to solve them .. but simply with the ego to feel like they are comfortable with themselves .. and nothing is more excruciating than the realization of self deceit .. because majority of the issues in a persons life are self created .. their ego feeds on them .. makes them take cover .. makes them weak.

i sometimes wish to be 12 years old .. when there was more to learn from the world than just the ways of scrutiny and betrayal .. our own persona in a way attains a solid state as we grow out of our adolescence .. and once we are adults .. our character confirms a definite shape .. thats when we start closing many mind routes .. thats when our conscience begins to hibernate ..

the reason behind a person resorting to love or/and drugs is pretty much the same .. both numb our senses to the point where its easy to formulate a virtual bubble around your emotional quotient that protects it from being manipulated .. and thats when a person really begins to indulge into the prospect of smiling for the finer joys of life .. because physical restrictions may hamper your fitness .. but a mental barrier cripples you for life ..

i may not have the best ideologies on self discovery .. but i'm bidding my teenage goodbye with the belief that i learn something from every day that passes.

till we're all better men.