Saturday, September 25, 2010

8 months .. the rate at which our life wastes away would make anyone feel that 8 months would have passed by unnoticed .. wish i could feel the same way .. but things had happened .. to call them things or events would just be degrading their significance .. they were life changing experiences ..

i never really respected the "Typical Movie Hero" .. how from a nobody, he would rise to the clouds .. discover the love of his life .. take in the happiness .. and just as things look to be perfect .. he would lose everything and everyone he ever loved .. only to get it all back in the end ..
but the happenings(mishappenings?) in my life over the past few months actually made me start to sympathize with the poor bastard.

i'd gone from having an IDEAL life .. to the source of complete darkness .. and then returned to discover a PERFECT life in front of my eyes .. i'm not sure as to how many of us would want an Ideal life and how many a Perfect one. But what i do know is .. that as long as you can defend yourselves from the hopelessness created by the sorrows that everyone comes across at one point or the other in life, you will get back everything that you ever loved and lost.

leaving the inner details for closer confidantes .. i just wanna say that its not a persons destiny to find "Complete Happiness" .. its his desire .. because destiny is just a term given by people to their fears .. as they are not comfortable living in the present, since the future for them is somehow more important. But if you desire happiness .. then your heart will show you ways to find it .. its strange how the world works .. strange and beautiful.

Maybe i'm just living in an illusion, maybe my life ain't perfect .. but the faith i portray in myself works as an assurance that i will not regret the choices that i have made in my life so far .. because ultimately .. its not what you do .. but how you think, that makes the entire difference.

and then there were words scribbled on a pair of blue jeans that said - "when the heaven's choose to ignore the sunshine, ill be there to call you mine"


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