Wednesday, November 3, 2010

its ironic how life tends to mess with you regarding every aspect of reality ..
its funny how we manage to get away with every wrong deed that we commit and yet we are caught in a wildfire if we even dare to walk on the right path ..

i knew it was never going to be easy .. not after all the sins that i had performed .. not after the number of hearts i'd broken .. and yet knowing all along .. its karma .. if you do something wrong .. you will probably get away with it .. but only momentarily .. because the spirits have a very sadistic way of toying with our emotions .. by fracturing our shins just as we take the leap of faith ..

i never understood what i did .. to deserve being replaced by someone who was barely as able as me in any respect .. i never fell short of the unspoken compromises .. i never did anything even remotely contradictory to the virtue of a person truly in love .. i never wished for my heart to be ruthlessly torn apart into indistinguishable pieces .. alas, i suffered.

life has infinite ways of giving out lessons .. but like everything else in this material world .. it comes at a price .. would your rather be the one to control the proceedings of your personal(righteous?) endeavors? or would you want to be the one who keeps himself immersed in a jar of self-inflammatory hope? at the end of the day .. its the sanctity of your smile that counts ..

half the people in this world do not find true love simply because they are afraid of the consequences it might lead to. Every single person is aware of the fact that just because you have what you deserve, does not mean the world is not going to conspire towards taking it away from you .. everything is achieved after a struggle .. and everything is valued after its survival .. but that does not mean that we would actually try to fight for what belongs to us .. maybe because we deserve much better than what we think we do.

ive broken a hundred hearts .. ive mended a thousand .. and yet loved only one .. and surprisingly enough .. that one person .. was the one to strip me of my belief .. rob me of my happiness .. mug me of my self-esteem ..

and now ive granted forgiveness to her .. but i will never be able to forgive myself for imagining myself to be the one with a perfect perception of things .. because no amount of intelligence and flair could have prevented this from happening.


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